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Wiring for the Future

Wiring for the future may be the most important decision made when building or remodeling a home.  The cost of wire and time is insignificant when walls are exposed versus after being painted, wallpapered or tiled.  Of course it is impossible to see everything the future holds, but hiring a company that has experience and knowledge, and has a passion for what it does can make a great difference. 

iWire Chicago has been wiring homes for over a decade.  We have seen homes built every day that are not even ready for current technology.  Unfortunately, many times we are called in to fix wiring in houses and condos that have just been built.  Fortunately, we have the experience to overcome many obstacles, but many problems can be avoided if thought through during the construction process.

If you are in the process of building or buying a house or condo, call now to have a professional evaluation! 

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