iWire Chicago


Choosing a screen can be just as important as a projector.  Let iWire Chicago help you!  Whether it be a fixed screen or motorized - there are high gain screens and matte screens, each has it's own use depending on the lighting in the room.  A bad screen can make a great projector look sub par, but the right screen will bring out the best in your home theater.

There are also many sizes and shapes of screens.  An anamorphic screen is an excellent medium for an enthrawling cinematic experience.  Movies filmed in Panavision, Cinemascope, and other super wide formats can be viewed in their original geometry.  No more black bars!

IWire Chicago offers a broad range of film screens and will work with you to provide the best screen for your home theater.

iWire Chicago* Logan Square* Chicago* IL *  Phone: (773) 910-6996

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