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Prepare for future technologies with CAT5e and CAT6 cabling.

Category 5 (enhanced) cable is the current standard for phone and network wiring.  Soon to be replaced by CAT6, CAT5e consists of four pairs of wire that all have different "twist-ratios" (they're twisted together at different rates), which reduced the signal from many types of interference.  It provides a very inexpensive solution for wiring your home or business.

New technologies have made it possible to transmit more than just voice and data.  Now many products allow high quality transmission of high definition video, audio, and even HDMI over a single CAT5e cable.

Many of these products actually cost much less than having the multiple cables for audio and video or lengthy HDMI cables run thoughout a home or office.

At IWire Chicago, we have the experience and insight to include multiple CAT5e and CAT6 cable to strategic areas of your home in our whole house wiring packages.  Contact us when building or remodeling to ensure that you are prepared for future changes and upgrades.

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